Winding Down

Winding Down

With my trip to Hong Kong and Hanoi upcoming–my last trips of the year–it occurred to me that it was time to review my 2017 wishlist. Hong Kong and Hanoi weren’t even on my list for the year. In fact, there were no Asian countries on my immediate radar. It’s a super exciting surprise, for sure.

So how did my predictions turn out as a whole for 2017? I thought I’d hit seven international destinations; I made it to three of my planned destinations (Oslo, the west coast of Iceland; and Venice), and by the end of the year I will have visited three unplanned destinations (Hong Kong, Hanoi, and Toronto) plus one unplanned domestic destination (Boston).

I thought I’d spend more time in warmer weather destinations, but that won’t happen at all. Part of that is less time to work with during my normal travel season (because of work responsibilities and running for Mayor of my borough). Next year may be just as unusual (for differing reasons), with a few months during my preferred travel months where I can’t go anywhere at all. Still, as I’m drawing up my 2018 wishlist it will be my daydreams in mind. Because if you can’t dream big, why bother, right?



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