2018 in Review

2018 in Review

It was an unusual year for me, travel-wise. I switched jobs in January and couldn’t travel for the first four months of the year. And I did a full-on terrible job on my 2018 wishlist, only hitting Zurich.

But hey, big deal, right? It’s a wishlist, not a mandate.

That said, my 2019 wishlist is already off to a fairly good start: the first three trips are already planned (providing the flight loads hold out). But this post isn’t about next year–it’s a review of this year:

Zurich, Switzerland

MAY: Zurich, Switzerland–My first vacay after a forced and fernweh-filled hiatus…it was supposed to be a Prague trip, but the flight was canceled, forcing me to plan for an alternative location in less than 12 hours. Fun!

JUNE: Rochester, New York–I very short day trip to see my friend Jess. At least it was supposed to be a day trip. Storms in Philly canceled my flight, which meant poor Jess had to drive me to Buffalo, NY so I could get a flight out the next morning. Kookookachoo.

AUGUST: Long Beach Island, New Jersey–a little day trip in our own back yard.

Mexico City, Switzerland

SEPTEMBER: Mexico City, Mexico–My first trip to Mexico! A super quick solo sojourn that ended up being really eye opening.

SEPTEMBER: Rochester, New York–wow, that’s a lot of time spent in Rochester this year! But my girl Jess needed some help, so off I went.

OCTOBER: Dublin, Ireland–Landing in Dublin was really just a layover on our way to Scotland, but we had just enough time to revisit my favorite bakery and do some shopping. Not to mention that we stayed at a hotel that looked very The Shining-esque.

OCTOBER: Edinburgh, Scotland–Halloween in Scotland? Pagan fire festivals? The Loch Ness monster? Hell yeah!

DECEMBER: Munich, Germany–A little weekend jaunt for Christmas market hopping and a Krampuslauf!

Someone asked me the other day about the most memorable moments of the year as far as travel goes. Scotland, in general, was pretty awesome–it’s a place that I’ve wanted to visit since I was a little kid and could internalize all the wonderfulness of Halloween and its origins. The Samhuinn fire festival and visit to Loch Ness were total bucket list items. And getting whipped by Krampuses in Munich is something that will live on in memory forever.

Beyond those events, though, there were experiences that helped me to feel more confident in my ability to handle curveballs while traveling. Like when we were in Munich, trying to get to the airport during a general transit strike. Or like my arrival in Mexico City. In general, I feel fairly competent as a human being–but it’s nice to be challenged a little and find that you measure up.

What’s your best travel memory of 2018?

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