A New Roadblock

A New Roadblock

Americans are all a-titter about the news that we’ll have to obtain travel authorization to head to countries in the European Union starting in 2021. This is not exactly new news–it was announced last year and has been in the works for years prior, all because the U.S. requires citizens from five of the 28 EU countries to get a visa to travel to the States.

Suddenly, the U.S. passport is getting a whole lot less useful.

That said, this really isn’t that big of a deal, even for those of us who travel to the EU frequently and with little notice. For about $8, I apply for this European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) registration, and once I am (hopefully) approved I don’t have to apply for another three years and I can re-enter as many times as I want. Easy peasy.

My only concern is whether Americans will be required to wait for a certain period of time between ETIAS applications. Three months, six months, a year? I dunno. One good thing to know, however: passports over 10 years old may not be accepted as a valid travel document.

The main takeaway–perhaps in October of 2020, set a reminder to yourself to apply for ETIAS.

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