Six Feet & Then Some: Pandemic Travels

Six Feet & Then Some: Pandemic Travels

It seems weird to think that Mr. Pretty and I had just come back from Jamaica at this time last month, and now the entire world is shut down in response to a global pandemic. While I’m entering my fourth week of working remotely (I’m referring to my dining room as my satellite office), Mr. Pretty is considered an essential worker–so he’s reporting to the airport on the regular, and we talk a lot about hand-washing, Silkwood-showering, physical distancing, and other precautions to keep us both safe since he’s at greater risk of exposure. Of course, travel is out of the question. With borders closed across the world (for good reason), that leaves domestic travel–and we could catch flights around the U.S. if we wanted, but that just seems like a Very Bad Idea. I leave the flights to those with emergency need and just hunker down here in my house.

That said, there’s only so much cooking and baking and working and binge-watching a girl can do before the need for a change of scenery (and exercise) becomes extreme. Fernweh is a thing! Today I give you local travel with a physical distancing focus–I convinced Mr. Pretty to come with me for a walk at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge!

The wildlife refuge is not a widely-visited place to begin with, even when there’s not a global pandemic. Bird watchers dig it, of course. There’s a pair of nesting bald eagles who return to the refuge for breeding each year, and in general there have been 300-ish bird species sighted there, including many endangered species. The refuge has ten miles of trails, and there’s canoeing and fishing, etc. But it’s almost right on the Philadelphia-Delaware County dividing line and not easy to get to by public transportation–not that you want to take public transportation for funzies right now. My point is that it makes an idea place to go for a walk and enjoy the outdoor when it’s necessary to avoid other people at all costs.

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