Travel-Inspired Creative Writing

Travel-Inspired Creative Writing

No matter where travel takes me, there’s always something that sticks with me long after I leave. In Venice, Italy it’s the sweet smell of the wisteria in spring. When I think of Buenos Aires, I think the incredible dinner and the new friends met at Casa Saltshaker. And in Bologna, it’s coming face-to-face with St. Catherine of Bologna at the Chiesa della Santa.

So maybe it’s not so strange that some of these memories would make it into my creative writing. My short story “The Pilgrimage” appears in the new Spring 2020 issue of Aji magazine.

The theme of the issue is “hindsight”–pretty apropos considering when I reread my story the other day I immediately wished the pandemic were over so I could hop a plane to Bologna. I’ve been craving Bologna’s outstanding gelato. Eating sardines and drinking wine under an enormous old tree and strings of white twinkle lights. Walking under the porticos. And yeah, hanging out in churches and looking at the body of an incorruptible saint.

Until the pandemic ends, I invite you to go check out “The Pilgrimage” and share in my fernweh!

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