Beware Peggy’s Cove

Beware Peggy’s Cove

The bus plummeted into a bank of fog thick enough that the driver slowed to a crawl. That’s when the octogenarian seated across the aisle piped up: “Reminds me that movie The Fog!”

I swear, my head hasn’t whipped around the fast since… well, it’s been a long time. Mr. Pretty, beside me, stifled a laugh.

“They did a remake of that one,” she added.

I was on a bus trip with an elderly horror movie fan! That should teach me to judge people who enjoy cruises.

After all, we have no room to talk. Mr. Pretty and I have arrived at the age (50, to be specific) where we’re not opposed to a bit of rest while vacationing. I’m not talking about cruises or hanging out at a hotel in favor of exploring a new city–what I am saying is that an occasional bus trip isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard of, particularly if it means not having to rent a car. Go ahead–make fun. We certainly used to! But there we were, on our third day in Halifax, our legs tired from climbing hills, and it was still a bit overcast after the previous day’s pouring rain… so a half-day bus trip out to Peggy’s Cove sounded pretty good. It also happened to have been our 22nd wedding anniversary!

And conjuring The Fog did flavor the trip. The actual fog lifted as we got closer to the coast, which is nice–the view from Peggy’s Cove is always so pretty (not to mention the hilariously dire signage). What I mean is that it was very plot bunny-heavy for me, which is good when you write horror! I must have gotten three or four ideas out of the trip. Plus lobster rolls–and more historical context and ghost stories! Definitely worth the price of the bus trip and the old dork factor.

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